Physical Inventory Error related to Lots/Bins

Has anyone ever encountered this issue: One of our customers is trying to post the Physical Inventory Journal. On a Lot Tracked item, when viewing the Item Tracking Summary, only a partial quantity shows. Not all of the available quantities show. We know what quantity is available by going to the Bin Contents for the Item and filtering on the Lot. If we try to enter this quantity on the Lot Tracking screen and post the journal, we get the error. ‘Item Tracking Serial No. Lot No. 1-721787 for Item No. 10375 Variant cannot be fully applied.’ When viewing the Warehouse entries and Item Ledger entries, Lot quantities do not seem to match up. There are entries in the Warehouse Entry table for a Lot that does not show in the Item Ledger Entry table. Any ideas of what is going on here??? Valerie

I belive that we experienced something like ths problem on our German installation. We were runing v3.70. In summary the Itenm Ledger Entry postings were correct (so was Financials!) but Warehouse Ledger Entries had been posted without breakdown in lots / batches. For us the problem was caused by cancelling incoming goods. The faults is corrected in 3.70B. We spent a lot of time finding and correcting the postings in the Warehouse Ledger Entry table - not easy but possible.[8D]

Our customer is on version 3.70B. Does anyone know where the data for the Item Tracking Summary screen is pulled from? Valerie

This may be too little, too late, but the Item Tracking Table is mostly temporary - it exists only while you are in the Item Tracking Form. The Lot/Serial No. assignments are pulled in when the form opens from the Reservation Entry table (Type::Prospect or Surplus) or from already posted ledger entries.