Physical Counting

Hi, This is with regard to the Physical Inventory counting in 3.7 Version. The Item card, on the warehouse tab has the following fields: 1. Physical Inventory counting code. 2.Last Phys Counting Date. 3.Last Counting Period Update 4. Next Counting Period. Now what I could observe is that the date on which above fields get updated during various transactions related to Physical Counting is the Workdate and not on the actual date. This provides the user a chance to manipulate the dates of last physical counting date etc. The requirements of one of our clinets is to block the creation of Purchase Order for such Items for which the Physical Counting is not done as per the Counting Period. Has anybody worked on the similar requirements and any suggestion as how to strictly ensure the above condition? Thanks in advance. Vijay

Hi Vijay You may want to post this in the developer forum as you will need to modify the system to meet your requirements. It seems very specfic to link the restriction of the raising of a purchase order to a physical count in the period - but each company has it s own way of working - I just doubt this requirement has been handled before (go on forum prove me wrong!!!)