Physical cost amount


If I have an item with physical cost amount but zero financial cost amount. Which journal I should use to make the physical cost amount to be zero?


Why would you want to do this? It is a transitory value that the financial cost is king upon invoice. If you look at the delivery note the voucher is completely reversed at invoice, so no adjustment is required.

Generally If you place a check mark in the Post Physical value ( inventory model ) and Post packing slip ledger ( AP / AR ) , system will post the Physical cost amount while receiving/ Shipping. If you dont want you can uncheck the above fields .

As Adam said , even it is posted during GRN , system will reverse those entries during Invoice.

Actually it is a stopped item, but with physical cost amount left, and no financial cost amount.

Then run the inventory close

Eventhough it is stopped item , have not posted the invoice for the received materials ?

If not , you need to post it.