Physical asset Management

Hi All, We are looking for asset management system alongwith navision. Can somebody here share some experiences on the same implemented. Any suggestions on the above will be highly appreciated. Best regrads, Anuchandran.C

There’s one from America, called Rental Advantage, it may be what you are looking for? Regards John

Thanks John. Do you have know the site address? Best regards Anu

This is commented into their reports. Maybe it’ll help you. Rental Management, Inc (“RMI”), a Connecticut corporation.

This code is commented into their reports. Maybe it’ll help you find them. “Rental Management, Inc (“RMI”), a Connecticut corporation.”

see this thread

Hello Anuchandran, We have developed an add on in Navision for Asset Manitainence Management and have implemented them in Version 3.10 and 3.70 and will upgrade it soon to 4.0 If you need any further information please contact me at, also visit us at Thanks & regards,

There is also a Rental Management package sold by Open Door Technology in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.