Phantom Bom's

I have a client who would like to make use of the phantom BOM functionality, but we find that the Material Requistion report does not print the phantom item and just prints the lower level components (as expected). The Quantity Explosion of BOM report however does list phantom items. I am aware that the Material requistion report is printed using the ‘Components’ as listed when you do a ‘refresh’ on a production order, so phantom items are just blown through. Has anyone else had a requirement to print phantom items on production reports? Regards Margie Richards

Material Requisition is about needed items for the production order. so it is somewhat normal that phantoms (virtual non-inventory) are not shown. If you need it on a report, I guess you should start from the Quantity Explosion of BOM report, make an additional data item on top for the production order, set the correct filter on Bom and BOM version and go from there.