Phantom BOM or explosion


I am trying to setup a phantom BOM or any other solution for my case.
I am running into this furniture factory where they have the Finish Good not manufactured or assemble.
Table Model 1002
This table is never assembled or shipped as one piece, it’s a package of 4 Boxes contains several parts like: accessories, top table, 4 legs, fittings.
So the BOM structure is:
Table 1002

· Accessories box

· Top table box

· 4 leg box

· Fittings box

Again this table is never exist in my inventory, we sell the table in packages.
I did create the item “table 1002” in dynamics ax 2012 and I check the phantom check box in the engineering line, the default order is production.
Now when I run the master planning, I still get a production order for the table 1002, when that shouldn’t happen, because it’s never produced.
And in the sales picking, I still pick the table itself instead of the 4 boxes or packages that is been declared in my BOM structure.

What am doing wrong, and is my scenario is correct?

Fadi Ghrawi

we sell the table in packages. - because it’s never produced.

These are contradictions, a production order is arguably an assemble/pack instruction. However if you do not need to issue and packing instruction then load the item on teh line and explode it into the components. The issue with this is then the potential of part shipments (sending a table out with 3 legs).


please accept my apology but i couldn’t get your solution.

and i would really be grateful if anyone can tell me, what is the phantom button enabling will do? i couldn’t find any difference with enabling or disabling the phantom button.

when i assigned in the engineering filed that this item is phantom nothing happened in the item process starting from sales to pick, nothing changed.

Fadi Ghrawi