Personalizing the Client

Hi People:

Our company has just implemented Dynamics AX 2012 R2, never having worked w/AX before. I am a Systems Administrator and have noticed that some of our people can personalize their Client and have that personalization automatically save (they don’t select save and type a name for the personalization) and others the client does not save the personalization.

By this I mean if they go to another screen and back to the screen they personalized, some users still have the personalization and others do not.

I also have instances where even the act of personalizing causes the client to crash with no good error messages.

I have some users who have both sales manager and Production Manager roles that when they switch between the screens the client crashes.

In all instances, once the client crashes, the only way to enable the user to log into AX and have the Home Screen com up without the Client crashing is to delete the User and add them back in.

I find this behavior very annoying and can find no documentation online on how to troubleshoot or correct this.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?



It definitely isn’t normal behavior. I suspect these are just symptoms of a deeper problem, but it’s hard to guess anything specific. Do you get any errors in event log?

By the way, you shouldn’t have to drop and recreate users. Go to System administration > Common > Users, find the user, press Options, then Usage data and either drop everything by the Reset button or switch to the Form setup tab and delete personalization of a specific form. Or you can do it directly in SysLastValue table, which is useful if you want to write a script for that.

There are no errors in the error logs, and thanks for pointing to resetting user data - big help!

Still trying to figure out why personalizations save sometime/some people and not at tall for others…