Persistent Order Comments

Hi folks… is there a native means of storing order comments for a given customer so that they will appear on all of that customer’s order confirmations without having to be re-entered? I know there are customer comments of course, but they can’t be multi-line copied into order comments. I’m willing to mod if necessary of course, but is there a built-in way? Thanks, Chandler

Chandler, the Navision standard to handle these kind of texts are calles “Extended Texts”, BUT they relate to Items, Resources and G/L Accounts, not to Vendors or Customers. You could think of modifying these Extended Texts to include some Customer/Vendor Relation aswell (e.g. add those in the Table Name Option in table 280) or you could rather copy the customer comments to the order document (as you suggest yourself), which can be handled with a couple of lines of code. Saludos Nils

What I normally do, is add a boolean field “Print On Invoice” ?Order/Shipment what ever to the Customer Comments table. Then just add a section to the appropriate report to include these.

Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it! Chandler