Hi all,

I give the accounts payable module permissions in particular user group i get the following error

Not enough rights to use table ‘Inventory dimensions’ (InventDim).8182.1-18-2012 5-53-56 PM.png

what is the action you are doing, i mean exactly which action is triggering this infolog. some thing like while creating purchase order line or if possible let us know the steps…

You might not be having rights to access Inventory Dimension, which is essentially required for dealing purchase order lines.

In the Basic , with in the tables check whether the permissions for the Inventory Dimensions are provided, if not provide them based on the requirement.

Thank you for giving reply


can you please give clarity about it…i mean wher we should give permissions ? so that client can raise purchase order or he can access forms and reports of accounts payable module…

eagerly waiting for ur rep!!!