Hi! How a job prepared by someone can be posted only by the manager ? Thanks.

Do you want only managers to be able to post? This can be done by having the posting codeunits only at these roles and removing the 0 codeunit from the ALL role, this also means making a new role where all other codeunits are present. If you want purchases/salespersons to be conected to a specific manager you need to do some programming. Could you give more details about what you want to achieve?

Ok! Let say someone create and prepare jobs not Me ( I’m the manager). When the job is done, I will post that job ( and all jobs) and I dont want to have a person by mistake or intentionally posting jobs. In fact I want to have only managers ( in their working area: Invoicing,…) doing posting in the system not anyone. Thanks

Well in this case you can simply add the posting routines to the managers role. Make sure you remove the 0 codeunit from the ALL role, because this means a user can run all codunits. The normal users will now get an error message when they are trying to post.

Shanna just make sure that you have well define your roles at the beginning. i.e: Creating groups of users is better that use each person to assign roles.

Hi, As Mark has suggested , When you remove Codeunit 0 from the ‘ALL’ role, you will have to add all codeunits one by one.Pl. remmember that. Regards, DD