Permissions to add fields to Sales Invoice Header

I am new to NAV. I have imported an object to run through Job Queue to automatically email invoices. The code needs to be add an No. E-Mailed field to the sales invoice header. I have added to field but I can not run the job queue as I do not have permissions to modify the field.

Can anyone help me?



You have to modify your object operating on Permissions property, adding permission to modify Sales Invoice Header table since it’s not allowed by default in order to preserve posted documents.

Do you have a step by step guide on how to do that or point in the direction where I can find out?



It’s simple: design the object you’ve imported, open the properties, identify the “Permissions” one.

Clicking the AssistEdit a list will be opened: here insert a record with Sales Invoice Header table (112) and check Read an Modify fields. After that restart NAS to make the modications be effective and should work.