permissions property

Hi, in order to understand all the capacities the system has about roles and permissions, could anybody help me to understand the use of permissions property in forms,codeunits or reports ? i.e. Customer card has permission : TableData Cust. Ledger Entry=m. What is the use of this ? All users with access to this form can modify also Cust. Ledger Entry or need this permission also to access this form ? Thanks in advance

Hello, This permission has been set as there will be a routine or function within the customer card that requires the right to modify the Cust. Ledger Entry table. This means that users wil be able to use this function, without needing the right to change this table themselves. The Permission object property is generally used within the standard application for updating security protected tables such as the Ledger Entry tables that normally a solution Developer may only change directly. The best examples of this are the posting routines. Hope this is of help.

Ok that’s clear. Thank you very much