Permissions On Sales Shipment Header Table

Hi All, I have a problem with permissions which I could do with an answer to. I have created a new Form for Couriers to access externally which will update the Sales Shipment Header. The Sales Shipment header has 3 new fields, Date Collected, Date Delivered and By Whom. When I test this form and enter the information and try to save it I get told that I do not have permission to modify the Sales Shipment Header table. I thought that maybe I need to add permissions to the properties of the form to allow table 110 modify permission but I cant save the table. Do I need to design table 110 and change permissions on the table properties and then the form to allow modify and would that have any knock on effects. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul, If you have a solution developer licence and you added modify permission to the form properties then this should work. A neater way of doing this would be to follow the example of the following trigger on Form 130 Form - OnModifyRecord() : Boolean CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::“Shipment Header - Edit”,Rec); EXIT(FALSE); and then at codeunit 391 (Shipment Header - Edit) which has the necessary permissions. Hope this helps.

Hi Edward, thank you for the help, I have added the code to the OnModifyRecord trigger and it goes a bit further but I then get the error to tell me that I dont have permission to modify the Sales Shipment Header table. I also tried to amend the permissions property of the form to allow modify on table 110 but it would not let me save the form. I am using a full developers licence…Paul

Paul, if you look at Edwards posting, the answer is there for you, codeunit 391 (Shipment Header - Edit); Look in here for how to do it. The reasons are that, posted document tables, should not be editable as a rule, to stop fraud etc:, So look inside codeunit 391, add the fields you want to edit, to this codeunit; Date Collected, Date Delivered and By Whom. It will then work as Edward Suggested in the earlier posting. [;)] If you don’t want to change Codeunit 391, and you have purchased codeunits, then save 391 to a new number, and put your fields in the new codeunit. Look at the way the Sales Shipment Header form works, in your new form point it to your codeunit or 391, then all you have to do is modify the new forms code as suggested. Form - OnModifyRecord() : Boolean CODEUNIT.RUN(CODEUNIT::“My Shipment Header - Edit”,Rec); EXIT(FALSE); I see by your profile you are a Navision Developer, so access to the codeunit should be ok.

Hi David, its all working now, it was me. Because I was swapping user ids between myself and a courier the licence was reverting back to that of the client and thus not allowing me to change permissions on the form. All working now, thanks for yours and Edwards assistance. BTW, I’m not a developer I’m an implementor and support person who happens to spend most of his time doing development since joining this company.