Permissions on Newly Created Table


I’ve only been using NAV 5.0 for a few months, and have been asked to make a change to a form that I havent done before.

I’ve been asked to add a new field to the Quotes form which can be drilled into to get values from a new table that I’ve also created. It works fine for me in our testing environment as Im a SuperUser. However when a colleague (who is also a SuperUser) tries to view the data in the drill through it says that he doesnt have the relevant permissions. He also tries to Run the table in Object Designer and gets the same message - “You do not have permission to read the Shipping Lines table”

Another strange thing I have noticed is that when I look at my newly created table in SSMS 2008 the table has no permissions assigned to it.

How can I assign permissions to my table through NAV? The SuperUser has permissions to see all tables, forms etc, yet they are not being passed to SQL

Any help would be much appreciated. If you need anymore information please let me know

Thanks in advance


Have you run a security sync since adding the new table?

No I hadnt run a security synch. I’ve just run it and my colleague now has access to those tables.