Permissions of Userdefined Roles......

Dear friends, While creating permissions for a particular role(Activity) such as Creating a Sales Order or Customer…How can I know which are all the Objects that are going to be affected due to this activity and at what Level (Whether Insert,Modify,Delete or ReadOnly ?) Yes I do know this basically depends on the modules I am working and SetUp of the modules… Regards, Rajasekhar Venumala

In the roles list You can choose to look at the roles permissions. There You see which objects the role gives permissions to. //Lars

The code coverage function can be quite useful for this. Just run it for the duration of the task you want to create the bespoke role for and then eyeball the code to see what permission type (ie read,write…etc) is needed for each object. This is only aid to the process and you tend to find there is still a significant element of trial and error through testing to refine the role. Chris.