Permissions in user group are disabled ..<<URGENT>>


I imported a solution in ax 2009. There were few menuitems not appearing. These menuitems are available in the main menu.

When I check user group permission(my user is in admin group), these items are on “No access” and are DISABLED I can’t change them.

Tried different login (users in admin group). Still disabled.

Please urgent reply needed.


Did you import this solution via XPO or layer file?

After import, did you enable all configuration and synchronize the application?

I imported it via XPO?

What type of configuration?? no I didn’t synchronize the application

Please suggest

I can’t change access of any thing in the permission. I am in Admin group. :frowning:


Does this product comes with any configuration or security key? If it has configuration key, then you have to explicitly enable it. By default this will be disabled. After this, you have to synchronize the application.

This is unlikely however if this has any security key, make sure the access is set to full control.

are you trying to change the permission by clicking permissions button in users form…? try editing the permission through usergroups form in your case select the Admin user group and check the permissions…