permissions error

I am getting the error: You do not have permission to run the 'Design, Form, Basic" System… When I select Tools|Designer in Navision. I can’t tell from the message what permission is missing for the user.

You are missing the System 9020 Design, Form, Basic Permission. If you still can’t design a Form after you assign this permission, you will then be missing permissions for the Form object itself.

That fixed it. Thanks!

Has the same problem, what do you mean with “…be missing permissions for the Form object itself” - How do I fix this? /PBT

First check that you have Form Designer included on the License. Secondly, check that the ALL standard role has not been changed and consequently includes Permissions for Form 0 (all forms). Finally, check that the User in question is assigned the ALL role. If you have defined roles that permit access only to specific forms, then the User is missing the role which includes permissions for this form. That’s what I originally meant, but in a rather cryptic way, I admit.