Permission Sets/Profiles - Nav 2013 R2

Hello Everybody,

I have a query and I hope somebody can enlighten me.

It concerns Nav 2013 R2.

I need to create a Profile/Permission Set for a specific type of Users who can have access to all modules except for Financial Management.

Issue 1 : I created the permissions for the different TableData,Table, Pages and omitted for example TableData 15, Table 15 and Page 17. Problem is I can still edit a G/L Account and save it despite omitting the objects in the permissions.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Note: I did same thing for Bank, Bank Account Card and this 1 works since it does not let me modify a Bank Account, although I can open the Bank Account card.

Issue 2 : In the Navigation Pane, there is the Departments menu. Is there a way to remove only the Financial Management menu and leave the other menus like Sales & Marketing etc there?

Currently, you can only remove Departments altogether.

I hope the Issues I listed above are clear enough but in case of doubts please ask me and I will try to be more clear.

I thank you all in advance for your help/suggestions.


Hi Lenita,

Did you checked the Insert, Modify, Delete Permissions on the Table-data 15. The Modify Permission must be Blank.

If you have already checked, the Table-data 15 Permissions should be present in any other role which is assigned to the user. So, filter the roles of the user and check whether the table-data 15 is present in any other role or not.

I worked in NAV 2009 roles and permissions, not sure same in 2013 R2 or some changes.

Hello Bheem,

Thank you for your reply.

So you mean for TableData 15, I should add it.

for now, for Tabledata15, Insert Pernmission/ModifyPermision/DeletePermission = BLANK

Read Permission=Yes (why?sometimes in Sales Invoice you need to add G/L Accc)

Hi Lenita,

During Sales invoice posting, the various posting groups are copied from G/L Account, so the Read permissions must be TRUE during sales invoice posting.

I suggested you to check all the roles provided to the user for eg BASIC, COST, DOC-APP-SETUP etc.

Open the Permissions Page and filter the data for all roles assigned to the user ie provide the filter of BASIC, COST, DOC-APP-SETUP roles. Now check how many times the G/L Account table-data permissions are present and what is the Read/Modify permissions status.

Here, in any line of any role, the G/L Account Table-data Modify permissions should be of TRUE or the Table-Data 0 permissions are present.