Permission Sets/Permissions

I am working on tweaking permissions and have created custom permission sets. I do not want to use the super user of data for users to see their role center properly. When I do not apply that permission set to a user they cannot see the factbox with related links and their role center does not show the correct view-see attached. What permissions can I apply to show the factbox links and their role center?

Fact Box with superuser of data.PNGFact Box without superuser of data.PNG

Set the users minimal permission like order processing and assign the fact boxes to their respective role center page and then start the RTC and error will pop up for the missing permission for the fact boxes require and you can give permission to the objects mentioned on the error when you opened the client/add to your custom permission set.It may seem dumb but i used it everyday other wise you can create the permission for the fact box access by pinpointing the exact object it required to access, this is the easy way if you know the exact objects the fact box consumes.I hope it helps