Permission Required to Create a report

I have granted a user permission to all system tables. They have the ability to open and modify existing reports. However whe they attempt to add a new report they get an error message …not authorised to add to table. The table name is not given in the message. Does anyone know the require permissions to be able to create new report using report designer?

You can only add reports in the area 50000 up to 99999. However your licensfile proberbly allow 50000 to 50099. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

Hello, Is the report performing any modification process (Add, modify or delete) to one of the tables it is based on when it is run? If it is one of the ledger tables or a posted document (Such as a posted sales invoice) then your customer licence may not allow you to do this, as direct changes to these tables would create inconsistencies in in the data. Is the report you are trying to modify an entirely new report written from scratch or an existing report you are trying to modify & save under a different number? If it is one of the standard batch processing reports then you may not be able to change it for the above reason & you will have to get your NSC to change it for you. Hope this is of help! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Hey, there are two permission rights for tables: tabledata and table. Did you set the correct permissions ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst