Permission problem saving a dataport

I’m getting a permission error trying to save a newly created dataport. I am setup with the super role, we are licensed for report & dataport designer, and we are using Navision 3.70 SQL. Is this a SQL issue or a Navision issue?

Are you saving the dataport within your licensed object-id range?

Default permitted Object ID range for Report / Dataport Designer is 50000 to 50099.

Yes I am. I’m trying to save it to ID 50004.

Can you please post the exact text of the error message?

Hi Minnie, Ensure that you have this following granule id in your license: 7,110 Report & Dataport Designer That’s all bout it. [|)]

Update to the issue: we tried to save a new dataport again this time logged in as SA and using a developers license. We still couldn’t save the dataport.

What exactly is your error message?

This is the error message: You do not have permission to create the ‘Sales Header Import’ Dataport. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed. The license has granule 7110. The dataport can be saved with this license when in a stand alone Navision client setting.

Well we finally figured it out. And since there have been 104 viewings of this posting I’m hoping that our solution will help someone else. The user that created our database left so we deleted him as a user and this appearantly messed up the security profile. We simply did a backup and restore and the problem was solved. I’m just a humble key user and not a SQL person so I can’t explain it in any greater detail. Maybe if there are some SQL people out there they can. [8D]