Permission in N.A. 3.60 objects

I’ve got a little doubt about the property “Permissions” in objects like forms, codeunit, reports. I’m working on an implementation that should allow to retrieve a value of a field into a table which a user normally cannot read. If you understood my problem… could you help me? I know that my English is not so clear but… I think it is comprehensible! Thanks in advance. Federico nodev

Hi, To achieve this result you must make sure the following things are setup: 1) The User must be part of a Security Group with “Indirect” permission to read the table which is usually not readable; 2) The Object must have Read permission to the Table; The User will not be able to access the data directly from the Table. The Indirect permission will allow the User to access the data if he is using an Object with explicit Read permission to the Table. I hope you understand what I mean, good luck.

For every object and type of action (read, modify etc) in Roles Permissions you can select Indirect option. This means this object can be accessed indirect from another object (for example, codeunit) and can’t be opened directly by user!