Permission Error

When I go to import a fob or change the the vendor table I encounter this error:

The following SQL Server error(s) occurred while accessing the Vendor table:

1088,“42000”,[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot find the object “Cronus$Vendor” because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.


ALTER TABLE “navdatabase”.“dbo”.“Cronus$Vendor” ADD “Minimum Order” DECIMAL(38,20) NOT NULL CONSTRAINT “$ndodefault$1094867563$50010” DEFAULT 0.0

We’re are operating with version 4.00 with a version 5 executable

I’m a super User

Hi Matt,

First observation is that modifying the structure of NAV table objects using any interface other than Object Designer has always been ill-advised. If you need to add or alter a field in a NAV table, use Object Designer.

Also, it looks like you’re trying to add a field? If you have a license that includes Table Designer, you should be able to add fields to the Vendor table object using Object Designer, provided you number your new fields in the licensed range - typically in the 50K-range.

So, I’m wondering too about the fob file you’re trying to import … is it a binary fob or text fob? And does that fob include a new field, and if so, what number is the field using? How did you produce this fob file?

I’m not sure that any of this will solve your problem, but answering the questions may lead to a solution. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am using the object designer to add the field to the table,

Yes, I am trying to add to a field number 50,004 and currently a previous developer has added fields 50,000-50,003 to the vendor table and we have Table Designer module as well.

The files I am trying to import is binary fob. The new fob does include the new field and the number for the new field is 50,004. The file was produced on a duplicated Native Navision database. The system that it was being implemented on was a SQL version database. When I go to enter the field manually instead of importing on the production database I still receive the error as well.

What credentials does your login account have under SQL? Are you sure that you have all of the permissions you need in order for SQL to allow the edit? Having SUPER permissions in NAV is only half of the equation.

I have public currently. what role membership do I need for adding new fields to tables?

If you’re going to be making mods to NAV objects, I’d go with SysAdmin credentials. Should save you a lot of trouble in the future. It can be done with lower credentials of course, but I’d save that overhead for the overall security implementation.

To perform this modification at table structure you have to be db_owner: please check it in SQL Management Studio.