Permission error while exporting to excel

Hi All,

My client facing a permission error while exporting any form data in Navision 2009 W1(Build 6.00.27808) using system button(Export To Excel).

The error says “You don’t have permission to read User Default Style Sheet Table”.

But when I check in the roles, only ALL role is assigned to that user and permission for the table exists and READ/INSERT/DELETE/MODIFY all are YES. The user have only Public role in SQL. I synchronized the user and try again and facing the same error. Also, when I included Table-Data (0) permission into the role, error doesn’t appear. When a super user exports, error doesn’t appear. Also, when I tested in my local system, the error doesn’t appear for the same role configuration both in SQL and Navision.

I don’t know why this is happening.

Thanks in advance.

Try to Synchronize the logins and check.

I synchronized many times but getting the same error.

Adding the user as a db owner and then synchronize may solve your problem.

Is it a good approach to assign the end user as a db-owner role ?

Due to security-related policies, the public role is assigned to the user.

Thanks Amol for reply.

I solved the problem.

It was a hotfix from Microsoft and worked for me.