Permission error running NAS

I have set up NAS 3.70 (with a job queue and some other mods in the reports) to adjust item ledger entries and post to G/L. NAS itself is no problem. We are using it since before for invoicing, fax and other stuff. My problem is when adjusting item ledger entries. I get an error message in the application log saying that the user does not have permission to change the records in the Item Ledger Entries table. The user running NAS has SUPER. There i sno problem logging in with that user and running those batch jobs manually. Any ideas?

I guess that your NAS service starts under different user from that one you are using to run a batch job manually.

No. It does not.

Can you run other reports successfully through NAS? Can you run other reports with update through NAS?

Did you run in your client license??? If yes, try to debug which object causes this permission error then go to object designer and edit the permissions property for that object by add the permission for Item Ledger Entry Table. Hope this will help

Yes I can run other reports and I can also run the same objects when logging in as the same user with a normal client. Nice isn’t it[xx(]

Can you create a dummy batch job that modifies something in Item Ledger directly - just to see what happens?

I’ll try that. Thanks!

I had the same problem in 3.60. All permissions given inside a report is ignored by NAS. You have to use a Codeunit for your job, or modify the entry table by calling a Codeunit, that have the permissions.

So You mean that the permissions I have set on the report’s properties is ignored but it works on codeunits?

Yes. Just like you, I had a report for running in NAS, that make changes in Item Ledger Entries. I got the same error: You do not have permissions… In me seek for a solution (and to awoid rewriting everything) I made a codeunit with functions for insert, modify and delete and calling them everytime i need to do some modifications. The codeunit have permission to do the changes in entry tables. It works, but it´s not pretty.

Thanks a lot for the help!