Permission changes log (report)

Generating Report in AX 2012 R2 for (EEUR) Permission changes log (report) [AX 2012]

Hi All, I want to run AX 2012 r2 one report which has mentioned in TechNet Link. (EEUR) Permission changes log (report) [AX 2012] -

This report and Link is saying about Details of Any user id -Security Permission has changed then its gives complete report of Permission change log in date range selection. But I have changed my Security role, Access level, And added and removed different type of role in my user id and one another Login User id - BUT WHEN I AM RUNNING THIS REPORT I WAS NOT GETTING ANY DATA" As per link details. Even I checked used Table name but there is no Data . Can any one check above link and tell me how do I get Permission log details in SSRS report Format. Its urgent so kindly please help me.

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:


SACHIN KESARWNI - AXAPTA Technical and Functional Professional

The table, EeSecurityRightsChangeLog, is filled in by EeSecurityRightsChangeOperation class. If you look into the process() method, you’ll see that it take only a few tables into account - it’s not clear whether you made changes for one of those tables or not.

I also don’t know how the class should be executed. And that’s not surprising, because it’s something specific to Estonia.