permission and security filter

Hi All,

I have setup security filter for one of the user…on a customer table. The security filteration is on Customer Price Group. Now this user can only see Customers with a specific customer price group as fed in the security filtration.

Now this user cannot open sales order form…coz the first customer on sales order is not in the permission for this user. I think the system should make automatically make filtration and bring only customers in sales order whom the user has access to.

But if i setup security filtration on sales header and on same field customer price group, then it words and shows sales order with permitted customers. But the user cannot create new sales order, but it is reequired to create new order. So please help me in this regard.


You do not need any code.

You should give the user a new role that has indirect access to all of the customers

The user will still only be able to see customer records within their security filter, but the application will be to perform calculations to create new sales orders and open the form.

I would also use responsibility center for users. that way navision do the filters for you on sales orders.