Periodic rhythm for Invoices and offers


i am searching for an option to generate invoices or/and offers in a periodic rhythm. (Monthly, quarterly or yearly)

Example: A Customer has a subscription and the subscription will be billed every month. Or the Customer will get an offer to extend the subscription before it expires.

Is there a way to handle this kind of invoices or offers - without third party add-ons?

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There is no such standart feature.
Navision has Recurring Journals, but those can’t solve your issue, because you need the Invoices themselves to print them out and send to customers. Recurring Journal can only post the transactions without creating the actual set of Invoices.

Do you have an idea for a good add-on to solve this kind of workflow?

Have a look at the Standard Customer Sales Codes.These can be used for basic needs to invoice periodically. Next would be to look into the functionality within the Service module.

Or take a look at the service module?