Periodic Activities: Posting Dates

Hello - In Attain, 3.01 while running the Periodic Activities for inventory, there are (2) Posting Dates that cause confusion. Inventory → Periodic Activites (a) → Adjust Cost - Item Entries : Posting Date (b) → Post Inventory Cost to G/L : Posting Date What is the difference? In my testing, It appears the system uses (b) as the actual date to post to the General Ledger. The user can choose this. Also, regardless of what was entered in (a), the system appears to adjust all entries as of the work date. So, for example if on 02/15 I run (a) with a Posting Date of 01/31 - the system will adjust all entries made through 02/15. Thanks

yup, but the “Posting Date” in Adjust Cost - Item Entries /in Attain 3.01 to Attain 3.10A versions/ is used for the new Value Entries created by the batch job, if any. If you are using “Manufacturing” this is the posting date for the “Output” Value Entries created by Adjust Cost-Item Entries batch. The Posting Date in the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” is used as “Posting Date” for the G/L Entries. brgds.

OK - (Average Costing, and all the same single item) I performed the following, all on 01/07: PO Receipt of Qty 1 at $5.00 SO Ship/Inv Qty 1 (this gets valued at an expected cost of $5) I performed the following, all on 01/08: PO Voucher/(Invoice) of Qty 1 at $6.00 This will trigger a required adjustment when I run my Periodic Activities. With a work date of 02/01, I run both the Adjust Cost Item Enty & Post to G/L functions with ‘Posting Dates’ of 02/01. My G/L Posting was posted on 02/01. But if I go look at the item (Item → Value Entries) for my item, I have two entries: E1: Sale with an adjusted cost of $6.00, and a posting date of 01/07 E2: Purc with an adjusted cost of $6.00, and a posting date of 01/08 Thanks -

I’m not exactly sure why Navision modified the adjust cost to function that way. This means that AT ANY GIVEN DATE, your inventory valuation and G/L may/will not match. Another interesting point is that if you forgot to run the adjustment for the previous month, and you run it this month, it will put all the adjustments (including adjustments for the previous month) into this period.

Oops… What I was trying to get at the last post is that you cannot put in the dates you want to run the adjustment. In 2.x., you can choose the date ranges you want to adjust the costs for. In 3.x, you just have to remember to run it everyday or everytime you do your close. Someone please tell me that I’m wrong. Becaues I’m hoping that I’m wrong.

Alex I think that you are correct and it is a bit of a problem unless of course you run your Item Adjust and also Post to G/L batch entries on a regular basis, e.g. daily Cheers Peter

Hi Alex, in the Post Inventory Cost to GL function, you can use the filter tab … posting date to select a date range. I have a client that runs it once a month and in the filter, will always select ‘…xx/xx/xx’. The only other date I worry about is the posting date on the options tab. That determines what actually gets onto the journal as the posting date. This is important if you are in fact running the process monthly and you want to capture the information on the last day of each month (for GL reporting).

Hi G Lane, Unfortunately, that’s only assuming you at least run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries everyday. The AC-IE process puts all the adjustments to the Value Entry table with the posting date that you set on the Options tab. The date filter you set on the Post Inventory Cost to G/L function takes whatever entries that was made in the Value Entry table within the date range. They should’ve made the Post Inventory Cost to G/L process to go off of the item ledger entry where it makes the most sense… Either that or put a date range on the Adjust Cost process. So this still means that if you forget to run the adjust cost process at least at month end, you’re doomed… Doooommmm… DOOOOOMMMM!!! I really hope they make this process a lot better. I’m surprised that there’s no one else that has this problem. Are you guys knowing something that I’m don’t?

Hi The very first thing we learned (since we use Navision)was: Before running 'Post Inventory Cost to G/L ’ (monthly) it is very important to run ‘Adjust Cost - Item Entries’. bye André

Check this article out: Apparently Microsoft has a solution for this. Not perfect, but good enough.

Check this article out: Apparently Microsoft has a solution for this. Not perfect, but good enough.