Period Closing

Hi all,

In Axapta (we have Axapta 3.0 SP4) the status of a regular Period can be either Open, Stopped or Closed. When it’s Stopped, you can reopen the Period to post some correction or something, when the period is Closed, you can’t reopen the Period and no changes can be made anymore.

My question is, when you change the status of a period to Closed, does this have a positive effect on the performance of Axapta, in other words, are transactions in a closed period skipped in i.e. Periodic processes like Masterplanning, recalculation or anything like that, or is the sole advantage the fact that you can never post again in that period?


Hi Jean-Luuc

Closing a period is, overall, an accouting activity (correct me if I am wrong). When you have a closed period, you still can track transactions posted in that period. And what is still open should be transfered to the next period. So, Masterplaning, recalculation or any periodic run won’t look on that period because transactions are closed there (and anyway, if you set your dates on these periodic run… you can avoid looking on closed period)… But reports, and otrher queries based on transaction date will look in the closed period if necessary

Hi Jan-Luuc,

It is a loaded question. IMO, stopping a period is more of a controlling measure for preventing ledger transactions being posted in earlier periods. Usually companies stop period for the previous months (Overview tab) or use module status tab to control module by module. The periods are stopped as part of the procedure for fiscal year closing. Hope this helps,

Hi Harish and Magali,

Yes, this answers my question, too bad that it hasn’t any positive effect on the performance. We’re looking for some structural improvements and hoped this would help.



I don’t really understand what kind of performance issue you encountered.

Are they basic in Axapta or due to some development you did?