Period Accounting

Hello, Is it possible with Base Navision 3.x to use the filters (date) in reports with Week numbers instead of actual date ranges for reporting purposes… We run a 4,4,5 accounting schedule and report both weekly and monthly. Keying in the acutal dates is a major pain. example… Date Filter (W0202…W0502). Which would correspond to the actual dates of (010702…020302) W02 = Week 2 , 02 = Year W05 = Week 5 , 02 = Year Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert

Yes and No. You can type in week numbers, for example m1…m3, which “translates” as Monday in Week 1 to Monday in week 3. If you wanted from Thurday to thursday, you would type in th1…th3. Please note that the values you type in are “translated” into an actual date filter. However, you cannot suffix it with the year. So this will only work within the current calendar year.

Hello, The information you have supplied works great… I have also discovered if you set the accouting periods to include the proper days by week number you can report on groups of weeks… P1 = Period 1 P2 = Period 2. To report by week we will use Mxx to Sunxx. M=Monday, Sun= Sunday, and xx= week number required How come this information is not found in the help text?? Where can you get a proper all inclusive copy of the manuals or help text? Thanks Robert

Robert, I am assuming (often a bad thing!) that you are asking about reporting and not setting up the periods in the fiscal year setup. If so, you can report on period 1, period 2, period 3, etc. by entering P1…P3 in the date range/filter field and the appropriate dates will be filled in. Also, in the on-screen lookups where you have the date range buttons on the bottom of the form (1,7,31,3,12, etc.) there is a button with 3 little horizontal lines on it. That button specifies to use the accounting periods instead of calendar months. Hope this helps.

Manuals: If you are running Navision Financials, they are on the Product CD, if you are running Navision Attain, there are no manuals, they are part of the help text Help Text: This is installed automatically when you install the product. It should work, just press F1.