Performance problem

Hi, we have just purchased a Compaq SAN that handle our Navision C/Side database. We also added another two logical disks. So now we got our database splitted on four disks. We noticed higher performance when for example open a Navision list with many flowfields. So read performance seems to be improved. The problem seems to be write actions. We have a rather heavy batchjob that post about 1000 invoices with about 100 rows on each. This batchjob is slower today than before. I know that Navision recommend that internal cache on drives should be disabled. Can this be the same with the SAN? The SAN has 128MB internal cache. Or perhaps the commit cache should be disabled? Do anyone have any experience with this? Best regards Daniel

Caching on the disk drives should be disabled to prevent data loss. We have had a similiar problem…please describe the setup of the server, logical arrays, type of RAID, amount of memory, OS, CPU. Number of Navision Users. We have had success by splitting the installation across 3 RAID arrays. The first for the OS, and paging file. The second for the Navision application installation. The third for the database files. We have increased the number of files used by the database to eight (incresing the number of file handles). The RAID controllers and should be multiple channel for simulaneous read/write to several disks.

Our setup is: RAID1 on six logical arrays, 2 on the internal controller card and four on the SAN cabinet. 1 on for OS and 1 for backup. 4 for the Navision database. Further we have 1GB Memory with 500MB set to Navisions cache. Commit cache is turned on. Windows 2000 Server. 2 CPUs (Soon to be one). The c/side database is 16GB with approx 9GB used. How do I know if the RAID controller is multiple channels? And how do I disable the cache on the drives? Do I do that under Array configuration? Best regards Daniel