Performance problem on MetaframeXP

We have experienced som performance problem when running a Batch Post Job in Navision on a metaframe XP server. The job takes approx twice the time compared when running exactly the same batchjob on a regular client(a laptop on the LAN.). We tested the job when no one else was working on the metaframeserver. We have tested the network without finding any problem(for instance performance is ok when copying a file between Navision and metaframe). The metaframeserver has 1.2GB memory. When looking at taskmanager the server doesn’t seems to be overloaded. It looks like some setup problem with the metaframeserver. We are running Attain 3.10. Anyone experience the same problem? Daniel

The client session dictates the performance of the posting time. I am assuming that you have a high speed connection between the Metaframe, and Navision servers. The posting time can be reduced by increasing the amount of memory allocated by the Metaframe server to the metaframe session under which the Navision client is operating.