Performance Problem in Navision

i have made quite a lot of customisations to the standard customer form in navision. whenever i open the customer form in navision, which uses about 10 flowfields on the detailed cust. ledger entry, it takes ages to open. i decided not to open it at all. the status bar indicates that it is searching the Detailed Cust. Ledger Entry table. there are 1.5 million cust. ledger entry. when i ported the server to SQL server, the form can be opened in 30 seconds. is there anyway to speed the searching of records in navision, probably by using keys?

Hi Jordan, Please check the key for claculating the flowfield value from detailed Cust. Ledger Entry.

i have checked the key for the detailed cust. ledger entry, the key exists. in fact the key has to exist for the flowfield to work.