performance of NA 3.x

Maybe someone is runing NA 3.x with ~30 GB native databese ? I doubt about performance of NA server, because there are added a lot of new tables, more complicated code. What hardware I shoul use for smooth running ? Now I doubting about upgrade. What select, upgrade NF 1.30 to NF 2.6 or to NF 3.0 ? Does facility of NA 3.0 worth speed ? Any comments are wellcome.

Hi, There was topic about performance. Conclusion was: Use 2.6e instead 3.0, use 3.01b instead 3.0… But there will be 3.10 this year, may be wait a little…

Remember that there just recently has been a release of 3.10WW. Palle Arentoft, Product Manager Aston Naviteam A/S Denmark Email :