Performance Issues on simple AX application

Hello Experts,

We are working on redesigning a simple effort tracking tool using Dynamics AX. We enhanced existing system and added some functionality and pulling more data than the older system.

Apparently with new changes, the system is now reacting odd. With detailed AX trace we realized that our page is making multiple calls for every user action thus increasing the load and performance issues.

Our new functionality includes master-child data i.e. Projects- Users associated with it. We are using AX grid controls and in order to render the parent- child relationship, we using grid within grid approach.

When compared the results of AX logs between old and new system, it is clear that no. of connections (back & forth) is increased and most important issue is with idle time. On new page, if the page is left idle (even for 90 seconds), subsequent user actions fetches data all over again thus taking more time (than the usual page load). We are looking for expert advice on how to address this issue.

Is there any settings in configuration through which we can dictate that AX environment should share existing connection or avoid multiple connections? Are there any adjustments or settings that we could specify which can avoid re-connection after the idle time.

There must be some mechanism to control or retain the connection for long period. Can someone please advice?