Performance Issue with Matrix Box, 3.60 and ZUP fi

We have a number of forms that use the Matrix Box control. Since moving to from 2.01 to 3.60 we are encountering a problem, where the forms become jerky as you move across the form or up and down; the status bar showing the values being summed. [The issue is so bad that the scroll bars become inoperable and you have to move cell at a time across the form]. When we delete the ZUP the performance is restored! We have deleted ZUP files in the passed to resolve odd and intermittent issues, but this seems to be creating a regular requirement to do so. Has anyone experience the same issue or have any clues for a resolution? [We use the proprietary Navision DB rather than MSSQL, the main form does have the SaveValues property set to ‘Yes’].

Have you tried accessing the forms through the standard Client, rather than using Citrix?

The problem is with the standard client and happens on a number of different PC’s.


the status bar showing the values being summed.

Sounds like you need to look at your flowfields shown in the matrix, and optimize the keys Navision uses to calculate the values


When we delete the ZUP the performance is restored!

However, the zup-file should have no influence on this.

The fact that deleting the ZUP file fixes the problem, makes it clear, that somewhere in either the code, or in a flow field, you have the wrong key selected, and it is not being reset. My guess is that a key is being set on the OnLookup trigger of a field some where. To start to locate the issue, set the form Properties to SaveValues=No, and see if this fixes the problem. If in fact it is a flow field, there are two (or more) things that could cause the problem. 1/ Setting filters in the wrong order. Eg. Normal order, is Setkey, Setfilter, display form, update form. It is easy to create a situation like - SetKey, displayform, setfilter, udateform. In this case the reason would be that a function in the form removes a filter that is needed for the displaying of values. 2/ That the wrong key is selected in the flow field, this can be fixed by adding more filters to the flowfield. Hope this gets you started. Once you find the error, it will be blindingly obvious, but it will take time to find.