Performance issue on Item master

Hi all,

For ‘Design to Engineer’ industry the item list given by any design application (ex: Robcad, Catia etc) will be huge. Because for every project the design’s parts list will be unique and will be vary wrt project. SO in that case Item master will be huge as project increases. How to handle such scenarios? Is any Item archeiving that AX provides? What can be the work around?

Note: Standardization of Design items is very minimal in this case. The item master will be uploaded based on the items parts (that are to be manufactured) released from catia.

Please let me know if I confused you.



Have you gone through the Product Builder???

Our client hasnt purchased this Product Builder module. Is there any work around for in our case?

Is there any Item archieve possible in Dynamics AX? Any help on this is appreciable.

Why have you marked the response as resolved? No one will read it as you have said you have the answer you want, which is clear you do not have from the response.

There is no standard archiving, To-Increase off a solution called “Product Center” which allows you to hold millions of items unrelated to your inventory master, but you will not have purchased this so you are still looking for a work around. In which case set a field as an appropriate filter on the item card and then alter the view to remove items configured in this manner.

I don’t think there’s any way around the use of Product Builder other than millions of boms. They are coming out with a contraint based PB in AX 2012, if your client configures MTO products PB is a must. Should be cheap, tho.