Performance Issue after assigning User permission


Performance issue while assigning user permission:

When I am assigning Permission to the users (Non-Super) then system performance is slow, when I am giving Super permission to the user then system performance is fast---- this scenario I have tested in user PC

In server Non super user and super user both user performance is same and there is no performance issue

Can anybody help me on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Ramesh M

What kind of performance issue you are facing ? is it slowing down the posting routine ?

In 2016 ----1. If I assign the Super permission to user he can able to key in very fast
2. If I assign except super permission at the time of moving one field to other field its taking time.

Its really strange that by assigning permission processes get slow down . May be you can have look at the any customization did on the basis of any specific permission.

We noted that for those user assigned with “super user” permission does not encounter any issue. However, the end user with their respective permission set are facing slowness issue.
• We had check and verify if the problem arise due to setup/configuration issue – result negative
• Check if the issue is due to environment – Network, Windows/NAV login, etc – result negative
We have not done any customization on specific permission.

Hi Ramesh,
I would turn on the debugger, use code coverage or maybe SQL profiler to check if NAV is doing something different, depending on SUPER or not.