Perform Authomatic Calculation on tables

I have a table with employee ID, timein, timeout and total time columns. I have imported the ID, timein and timeout column. The total time is not imported and it is zero. But when i modify any value on either the timein or timeout, then the total time is calculated.Doing this for 1000’s of records could be tidious.

Is there any way i can do this on a large record very fast?


The calculation is apparently called from the OnValidate-trigger of either of the fields.

Create a report - processing only.

Let this report loop through the imported records, and do a validate on e.g the timein-field.
Remember to also do a modify, to store the total time value calculated.

Thanks. I created a code unite to do it. Here is my code

IF Stafftimesheet.FINDSET THEN
Stafftimesheet.VALIDATE(“Time Out”);
UNTIL Stafftimesheet.NEXT = 0

but i am getting errors. It says the time is not not.

Its working now. Thanks [:)]