Per Customer wise section repeat

Hi All

I want to print per customer data in section repetition manner .

In my SSRS design I have 4 temp table e.g. “A” , “B”,“C”,“D” . "A " contain from Custtable data ,“B” & “C” contain Custtrans Table data and "D " contain Customized table data .

I want if C1 ,C2,C3… C7 are customer code then for C1 “B”,“C”,“D” table data and design will continue and then for C2 again “:B” ,“C”,“D” table related data should continue and respectively upto C7.

For that resign i taken a Tablix and putted all “B”,“C”,“D” table in that tablix cell .Then I found that The tablix continued for 6th cell as blank at 7th cell all data of “B”,“C”,“D” are printed .

so kindly mention how i can repeat above three table data per customer wise in design .

Kindly feel free for any information .



Can you show us a screenshot of your report design surface? It’s not clear to me what you did there.

Hi Martin

I attached the Screenshot ,Three table are used and one textbox within a Tablix cell .

Now tell us how your data sources are structured and linked to data regions.

Sorry, it’s really difficult do debug a report that I can’t touch. If you don’t do any debugging by yourself, we it will probably take more time than I’m willing to spend.

Can u mention How i can establish a grouping relation with Tablix data source and other three temp table data source by custaccount .

Is there any exp can u mention by which for C1 customer three Tmp table will repeat within a tablix cell and C2 …CN respectively .



Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you reformulate it, please?