Pending Invoices message


Has anyone encounter this issue?

One or more pending invoices cannot be displayed because they are in use.

I process an AP proforma invoice to make sure everything looks correct before posting the actual invoice.

Now I encounter this problem. I found the pending invoice in AP-Places-Pending Purchase Order Invoices

I deleted the pending invoice and now I cannot post the invoice because it is grayed out.

I have a backup before I started testing.

Thanks in advance

This is due to your existing invoice is in waiting stage.

take action as follows

Accounts Payable → Inquiries → History → Invoices

find out the PO number . you will get waiting status. then delete it.

Thank you it worked.

Hi there

I am having a problem with pending invoices, I followed the process as advised by Raju, however the problem still persists. I need to completely delete the pending invoice from the system.

How do I do that?




You must delete the pending invoices in AP->Inquiries->History->P->invoice approval journal.

Also when you post up the invoice you have to make sure that the pending invoice is not showing up.

Delete the purchase order from the the Pending Purchase Order Invoices (AP >> Places >> Open Vendor Invoices >> Pending Purchase Order Invoice).

That should work. =)