pending Invoice are not show matching attachment

pending Invoice are not show matching attachments.

when i am attach a file invoice matching details form the the new button are not enabled.

the path is ap->places->Pending Purchase Order invoices

click on pending invoice details-> click on matching details button → in the matching detail form click on attachments

the new form are not enable the new button

please help me this i am facing the problem

thanks in advance


taraka rama

Hi Tarak,

Your statement is unclear, but I have understood out of ur post is that ur unable to find the pending invoices under Matching details

Now at the time of doing a Invoice just check ON HOLD check box and click on OK, then u will find the pending invoices under matching details.

But whats confusing is the concept of attachment is it (document handling) what you refering too, then take a look at the link


Ashwin [Y] …

If the solution is apt … verify the solution…