Pending Cheque

Dear All,

i want to know how we know the pending cheques through Bank Account Rerconcilation and Bank Account Statement . This is urgent. reply asap.

You posted this in the developer forium, so I am guessing you are asking how to modify the report some how. If this is so, can you give some details of the modification that you have made, and what the issue is. If this is an end user type question about using the base functionality, let me know and I will move the thread to the correct forum.

I’ll add another question - which version are you using?? the US Navision version has a good bank reconciliation localization, other local version might not have this.

For the moment, you can consider this solutions - once you are through with the reconciliation, the entries are marked “Open” = No… therefore you can go to the Check Ledger Entries and filter with Open = False… the default Check Detail report won’t allow you to filter on the checks, but with a little modification this can be activated.


Dear ,

In Bank Account Reconcilation , we want to know how to get pending cheque details in Bank Account Statement report

Hi Vivek,

as Nils asked, we need to know what version of Navsion you are using, Country version, and DB version. Go to Main Menu Help–> about Navision

you will have a version something like:

Version US 3.70.B (4.0 SP3)

I think that Pending is a localization only on some database versions.