PDF's generator for MBS

This module allows to send by e-mail and in a standard form the most usual documents of Purchases and Payables and of Sales and Payments in a .PDF file. For more information, please contact olivia@olivia-sistemas.com Best regards,

This posting caught my eye. Do you have a website set up outlining the features of your add-on? I’m curious to see how it compares with ours since we developed a similar one. You can take a look at http://www.altusbusinesssolutions.com.

hi Rob! no demo available, sorry… i’ll take a look on yours and i’ll give you my impressions. best regards,

He, then compare there version with ours too [;)]. Click on the link in my signature and view the demo video’s.

I create the ability to generate Sales documents as PDF and email them by using WIN2PDF software and create a button on the Sales Order (or any place you want to create a PDF). It takes the document and generates the PDF and attaches to email. You are using the same “send to email” routine, just running the PDF to create attachment. Steve

HI All, We have developed very similar kind of functionality called “Send-It”. Ours differs from all the above mentioned as there is no coding necessary on ANY of the reports within Navision, and works with EVERY single report that can be printed. We also have functionality for Navision to create template emails /fax coversheets (if you are faxing a document). The system does not rely on having a pdf driver such as Win2PDF installed as we provide one. Customer/Vendors/Contacts can all have preferred methods of receiving documentation, and multiples can be set up. For example if you print a statement for a customer, you can also have a copy emailed at the same time. Functions such as Post & Print also utilise the preferred methods. If any one wants further info on this, please email me.