HI! Is there anybody who have tried to save a Navision Financials document as pdf. So that you can attached it to Email and then eventual mail it to a fax?? Yours sincerly Birthe

Use Adobe Acrobat, Amyuni, ghostscript or the likes. The challenges arise when you want to automate the generation of several PDF-files from several printjobs within Navision. Regards

If you search this forum, I think you will find an answer (actually many different insights) to your question. Chris Krantz NCSD,NCSQL,MCSD,MCSE Microforum Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Search this forum on PDF and email. There have been several discussions about outputting PDF formatted data. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever.com Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

If you install Adobe Acrobat (or similar adobe programs) it will allow you to create a pdf writer printer that will allow you to save any report to a PDF, asking you only the .PDF filename. You can send that file as attachment on an e-mail. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es