Pdf Problem in Nav2013

Hi experts,

In nav2013 when i see the preview of report it seems to be fine. But when i save report as pdf i get extra copies for each sales order.I dont understand why it is happening.

Any suggestion will appreciated.

Thanks You.

did you check the dataset. if the record is repeated twice or thrice in the dataset…?

Thank you for reply,

Yes i check dataset it’s not repeated and it’s seems ok when i preview report but when i save as pdf some of the sales order are repeated and it is interesting that repeated salesorder not have line part(table).
please check this snaps


Please check in Visual Studio the width of the page, probably exceed the space available for paper format (usually A4, so 21cm) and needs to be reduced.

It is problem of extra spacing .Check your report in Print Layout .You will able to see the extra spaces.