PDF format

I want to have a codeunit which have to luch a report in PDF format. Is possible to this?

From what I have seen so far, this is not possilbe, since Acrobat is not a Microsoft product…so propably Automation cannot be used for connecting Navision with Acrobat…maybe a NSC has created a custom codeunit for this purpose if there is a way !?!

We developed an add-on to facilitate the creation of PDFs as well as emailing them or faxing them. You can refer to the site below - the Developer Info page provides a code sample (which uses our core codeunit that accommodates what you’re looking to do). http://www.altusbusinesssolutions.com

Cristina - Search on PDF in the forum, you’ll find several references to this task. In short there are 2 ways you can do this; 1) You can use automation with Adobe Acrobat, which can be expensive in a multi CPU deployment. There are other cheaper products which you can also use with automation to create PDF’s on the fly. 2) You can also use the products mentioned above (amyuni, etc.) to write the PDF to disk, and use your codeunit to run the pdf through the command shell. I will look in an old DB for an example of this … if you have acrobat. -john

Hi Christina, You could also install the PDF-writer on the clients in question. The PDF-writer is installed as a printer, and can be selected when printing a report, as well as you can select any printer installed on the client. If the report you want in pdf-format, always is “printed” this way, you can use the “printer selections” in the G/L-setup, otherwise you have to be a little more creative. regards Alexander

Hi Christina, We have developed a module to create PDF files of the most common reports of MBS. Fast implementation and easy use. Please contact me for more details, Best regards,

have look on www.pdfmailer.com