PDF converter report

Dear User,

Am doing a Pdf report that has to be sent to the client through mail in Navision. What are the tools need for this task.



Which version of Nav are you using?

Hi Seshadri

There is an default option is available to save the report as pdf (CurrReport.SAVEASPDF).This will save your report in pdf format.for this you need to set up a location like(C:\Myrepor).then there is an code unit is available to send mails so you can use this code unit to send your report.This will past the saved report in the content area of the mail;

if you need to send attachment then use automatio variables.Declare outlook as a automation variable and use send attach method to attach document and use sendmethod to send mail to cocern person.



This default function was introduced Nav 2009 so thats why i asked the questioner what version he was working on. If the version is < Nav 2009 then he may have to use tools like BullziptoPDF or something.

Hi IMran

You are correct,if he use eariler version the he have to use such a virtual printers.If he using NAV2009 then compleate automation will be the better option.if he use virtual printers in 2009 to save the document in PDF the user have to print each and every time using the virtual printer.


Jerome Marshal.