PDF and picture

I hvae inserted a picture box in the header of the invoice report, done the calcfields-command (the picture is stored in the company information). When I create a pdf-file via Destiller, everything is printed correct, but without the picture. Can someone give me a hint? In a second attempt, only the half of it was printed, although in Winword, whe I imported it, you can see the image correctly? Michael Edited by - Quasimodo on 2002 Aug 06 06:17:25

Are you using the Adobe Acrobat? Which version of this are you using? I’ve had several problems relating to PDF creation from Navision. You could try going through PDFWriter instead of the Distiller. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

I used the PDFMAILER freeware and it worked perfectly, including showing the company logo picture in the document as intended. Except for the banner that comes on top of the document, but when its free cant really complain.